Motion Design | Animation

Motion Design Compilation reel for 2021.

Mixed reality project. Most of the project was created within Unreal Engine.

Animated timeline of Mars Exploration vehicles. All done in After Effects with the Element 3D plugin.

Arid desert terrain. All vegetation, rocks and mountains were 3D sculpted in Zbrush. Textures were hand painted in Zbrush and created in Substance Designer. The final "render" is a real-time output from Unity.

Forest Bunker. Real-time Unity scene. I was testing out different Unity render pipelines. This was built using Megascans, and other free assets from the Unity Store.

OYO Sports animated marketing video. All done in Maya.

A short reel of work created entirely in Toon Boom Harmony. I designed, rigged and animated all assets.

Playin' Chicken. A looping animated short created for the competition. Done entirely in Maya.

Nerf Zombiestrike animated episode. I produced and directed 9 episodes in all but on this one I also did the animation, lighting and rendering. All done in Maya.

Compilation of motion design and Augmented Reality animation created for IBM. Created in IBM Max Weather software application.

This Emmy Award winning open is an old one, but work I am still very proud of. Responsible for all graphics, editing, and art directing the video shoot.

Motion Design | Animation

Animation and motion design work.

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